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Industrial Division

E-Series Microscanners

NOTE This product line is discontinued. Contact Exergen for repairs only ( for purchasing of MicroE and SuperE, see:

The QHi Group or Omega Engineering's OS93 while supplies last.

Why "shoot" at hot spots one shot at a time with an IR gun, when you can scan them with rapid automatic "fire"?

The palm-size Microscanner "E" and "Super-E" models are the infrared scanners which scan electrical equipment faster, safer and with more accuracy than "point and shoot" guns, because they are designed from the "ground up" for rapid electrical scanning - like using a machine gun instead of a pistol. Because of outstanding speed and color-coded display, the "E" models can scan twenty panels in the same time it takes to scan one panel with a conventional IR gun. Because of the higher optical resolution, scanning can be from farther away, thus improving safety for the professional.
Plug-in Infrared Probe for Digital Multimeters
Scan Electrical Panels IR.1 PROBE Plugged Into DMM Scan Circuit Boards
For more information, download the E-Series brochure and the Installation Guide in PDF format.
See Exertherm for a fixed in place system that will continuously thermally monitor electrical switchgear.
NOTE: SUPER E's are discontinued
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