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IRt/c infrared thermocouples (t/c) require no power. Just wire them up to standard thermocouple controllers, PLC and computer t/c input cards, t/c displays, and t/c transmitters.   It's that easy!

IRt/c sensors are now used in many of the most automated factories in the world, helping to manufacture higher quality products at lower cost, everything from tires and steel, to bread and chocolates.

IRt/c sensors have been designed into the most advanced OEM products in the world, from controlling the temperature fusing of colored toner inks in the worlds' first digital color printing press, to measuring temperature of tiny blood samples in the world's first portable blood analyzer to perform accurate blood tests in under two minutes.

The ease-of-use, speed, accuracy, and high quality at low cost, of IRt/c sensors helped make such dramatic new technologies possible.

Browse through the following to find a model that is right for your application. If you have specialized needs, please e-mail or contact the factory.
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IRt/c Brochure SnakeEye Thermal Switches Microscanner E
Turbocharge Your Production Line with Irt/c Technology Non-Contact Infrared Thermal Detection, Quality Control / Inspection & Validation of Production Line Processes which require a thermal component. Designed for Electrical Professionals.
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Microscanner D-Series Infrared Thermometers IRt/c. Infrared Thermocouples & Accessories
Certified Accurate Surface Temperature Instrument/NIST- traceable accuracy. Suitable for ISO 9000 traceability programs. Quick Selection Guide to our Factory-calibrated models. Manufactured to match thermocouple signals over specific temperature ranges. All sensors exceed NEMA 4, 4X;IP65,67. Choose from: pre-calibrated or adjustable thermocouples, hand held scanners and accessories.
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