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Industrial Division
Industrial Division: Downloadable Brochures

These files are in PDF format and may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat.  Text and images in PDF files may be copied and pasted freely to other applications.  If you do not have it, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.  



IRt/c™Products SnakeEye™ SnakeEye™ IRt/c™ The IRt/c Book 3rd edition, 1996
Increase Speed & Throughput
(56.7 Kb)
For Inspection & Quality Control (58.4 Kb) Non-contact Sensors for Infrared Thermal Switching (793 Kb) Infrared Thermocouples OEM / Factory Automation (494 Kb) Handbook of Non-Contact Temperature Sensors (2561 Kb)
stealth relpostcd tri dx smart
SnakeEye™ Self Powered IRt/c's Industrial Product Tri-Fold DX Series SmartIRt/c
Nothing Gets by the SnakeEye
(478 Kb)
The most reliable infrared temperature sensors postcard (248 Kb) Industrial Division Complete Product overview (595 Kb) Handheld Precision IR Thermometers (494 Kb) Ten Compelling Reasons for Accuracy (228 Kb)
eseries phb exertherm ics pspeed
IR Scanners for Electrical Professionals Industrial Product Handbook Exertherm Instrumentation and Control Systems article Production Speed At Lowest Possible Cost

IR.1 probe, Microscanner E, and Microscanner Super E with laser
(416 Kb)


Infrared Temperature Product Handbook & Installation Guide Rev 8 (830 Kb) Get a grip on power...Spot failures before they happen! (1688 Kb) Special report on Temperature Control - A Case for the Unpowered Thermocouple (714 Kb) Leave competition in the dust with our proven Speed Boost method and latest IRt/c sensors controlling your thermal process.
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