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Technical Notes
 Air Purge and Air Cooling Requirements
The limiting air flow restriction for all of the IRt/c models and Cooling Jacket Kit is the air fitting supplied with the unit. Accordingly, all IRt/c's with built-in air purge, and the Cooling Jacket Kit (CJK-1) all have essentially the same pressure vs. air flow characteristics, and the air flow chart applies to all. However, the air consumption requirements for purging or cooling for each are somewhat different due to size and operation variables. Refer to the table or chart for specific model requirements for minimum pressure for purging, or for cooling in elevated ambient conditions. IRt/ refers to all models with the 1.375" (34,9 mm) housing diameter. If water cooling is used with the Cooling Jacket Kit, air purge pressure only is required.
To convert to metric units   the following may be used:
deg C = (deg F-32) x (5/9)
kPa = psig /.15
cubic m/min = SCFM/35
Model  Air Purge Pressure
IRt/c.3x  > 0.1 psig
IRt/ > 5 psig
Cooling Jacket > 0.1 psig
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