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Technical Notes
#72  OEM Low Cost Interface
Designing the advantages of infrared temperature sensing into your OEM equipment is now easier and much, much lower cost than it has ever been. The IRt/c product line can be conveniently interfaced with many standard thermocouple devices at the compo-nent level for custom board design. For example, Analog Devices, Inc. manufactures numerous low-cost thermocouple input components that work well with the IRt/c, such as the following two models.
Model AD1B60 Intelligent Digitizing Signal Conditioner for the IRt/c
Complete IRt/c sensor-to-digital signal conditioning and data conversion
Directly connect up to 4 IRt/c’s per chip
Cold junction compensation built in.
Software switchable open thermocouple detection
Allows IRt/c linearization over complete temperature sensing range
Digital output
Under $50 in 100 piece quantities
Model AD594 (type J), AD595 (type K) IRt/c Amplifier with CJC
Direct connection with IRt/c sensors
Built-in cold junction compensation
10 mV/deg C output (0 to 10 V output)
Under $7 per unit in 100 piece quantities (AD594AQ)
For more information about component level IRt/c design, or assistance in board level design for interface with the IRt/c product line, please contact Exergen directly. 
Contact Analog Devices directly for information on these and other models: Analog Devices, Inc., One Technology Way, PO Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062 (Phone: 800-262-5643, 617-329-4700).
AD594/AD595 Block Diagram
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