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Technical Notes
#78  IRt/c Tested for Vacuum and Microwave Compatibility
Tests for compatibility performed by customers contribute greatly to our understanding of how IRt/c's perform in some of the unusual environments where non-contact temperature measurements are required. Exergen has a policy of providing sensors free of charge to any laboratory for test purposes, in return for a copy of test results. This series of tests was performed by a customer who required the performance, and had the facility to test the IRt/c. The test was conducted in a 4 ft. by 4 ft. (1.2 m by 1.2 m) chamber in the following sequence:
First Test
Vacuum exposure (15 minutes at 40 Torr)
Microwave Exposure (5 minutes, 3 KW at 2450 MHz)
Chamber load (15 pounds H 2 O)
Second Test
Vacuum exposure (10 minutes)
Microwave Exposure (30 seconds, 3 KW at 2450 MHz)
Microwave Exposure (10 seconds, 3 KW at 2450 MHz)
Chamber load (1 pint H 2 O)
The IRt/c showed no ill effects and operated flawlessly when checked after the test sequence.
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