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Industrial Division
Industrial Division: Press Releases
Exergen Makes Summertime Activities Safe and Fun
June 2010
Spring Happenings
April 2010
Alice in Wonderland and St Patrick in Ireland
March 2010
Exergen's role in Valentine's Day, the Daytona 500, and the Winter Olympics
February 2010
Heat Balance Series for Medical applications with Exergen IRt/c's
August 2008
Exergen introduces NEMA 4X, IP67 infrared temperature sensor packaged specifically for measuring refrigerated food products.
August 2008
Exergen Industrial Sales Europe is now open.
August 2007
Exergen introduces lower cost IRt/c's.
March 2007
MicroIRt/c's are now Plug and Play.
March 2006
Exergen introduces lower cost IRt/c's.
March 2006
Exergen SmartIRt/c's are The Intelligent Choice when it comes to Accuracy In Your IR Temperature Measurement
March 2006
Exergen Voted #1 IR Thermometer
April 2005
Vic Sensorcontrols now exclusive European agent
November 2004
Life On the Ocean- ExerTherm IRt/c's
August 2004
SIZE DOES MATTER! - Exergen's micro IRt/c
August 2004
Using Smart IRt/c Heat Balance Series for Measuring Internal Temperatures.
July 2004
Exergen introduces NEW micro IRt/c.4-K-440F/220C and microIRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C, 4:1 field of view, SELF POWERED, miniature sized, Infrared Thermocouples.
May 2004
Exergen introduces the NEW Smart IRt/c.5, SmartIRt/c.20 and SmartIRt/c.40 powered, linearized temperature sensors.
May 2004
Exerthem Nominated for 2003 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award
November 2003
New IRt/c .07 SELF-POWERED Infrared Thermocouples
October 2003
Non-Contact Temperature Control for Heat Sealing in Packaging Machinery
February 2002
Smart IRt/c: Non-contact, precise and cost-effective temperature system
May 2001
Exergen Introduces The DX-Series: Handheld IR Thermometers With Automatic Emissivity Compensation
April 2001
Exergen Corporation Introduces the SnakeEye™ Non-Contact Sensor
January 2001
Exergen's IRt/c™.2G for Medical Diagnostic Equipment Provides Low-Cost, Accurate Control of Fluid Temperature
December 2000
Exergen Corporation's Revolutionary Speed Boost System Improves Manufacturing Processes
November 2000
Exergen Corporation Presents the IRt/c™ SV Sensor for Web Processes
November 2000
Exergen Corporation Spotlights Complete Line of IRt/c™ Sensors
October 2000
Exergen Wins Challenges to its IRt/c™ Patent
June 2000
Exergen's New Waterless Printing Temperature Sensor Improves Product Quality and Increases Printing Speed
May 2000
Exergen Announces Release of New Technical Paper for Increasing Production Speeds
April 2000
Exergen is at the Waterless Association's Forum and Dinner during the Graph Expo 99
October 1999
Exergen Corporation Wins Patent Infringement Trials
September 1997
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