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Industrial Division
Industrial Division Technical Support

Technical Support Requests

Please email:, call 617.923.9900 Option #4, or fax 617.923.9911

Include any drawings, sketches, photos, etc. that will help us understand your needs. Also include the target size, distance from target to sensor, target material, target temperature, ambient temperature, output desired, and what your input device is. A factory expert will reply within 1 hour (from 7AM - 11 PM EST, Monday-Friday)


Industrial Product Return Materials Authorization Form
To generate and RMA request, please fill out our form here >>.

mV Output Tables for Pre-Calibrated IRt/c Models
To expand the linearization of the IRt/c over a wider temperature range, use these tables with your programmable input devices.
Eurotherm Series-2000 Controller Linearization Tables
To expand the linearization of the IRt/c over a wider temperature range, use these tables with the Eurotherm Series-2000 configuration station and iTools. Check the table of signal output files to find the linearization tables you need for your pre-calibrated and special model IRt/c. (This link loads a large table). Eurotherm can be reached at 703-724-7300 or
Technical Notes
Over 100 tech notes are available with Installation and Troubleshooting Tips, technical product information, and typical IRt/c applications.
Product Selection
Click on the appropriate selection guide for Precalibrated IRt/c's, Adjustable IRt/c's, and SmartIRt/c's.
Operation Manuals and Literature
Complete Operation manuals can be found here, and product literature and brochures are here.
Repairs, Returns and Warranty Information

SInce IRt/c's, SnakeEyes and XMTR's are hermetically sealed they are not repairable. There is a 2 year warranty on all IRt/c's and we are pleased to evaluate any unit that has failed and replace under warranty provided it was not abused in the field (overheated, dirty lens, etc) and provide an evaluation report. Microscanners can be repaired and calibrated with certified NIST data points for a fee. There is also a 2 year warranty on Microscanners. All returns require an RMA #, call 617.923.9900, Option #4 or email:

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