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EXERGEN TemporalScanner™ TAT-2000
The TAT-2000 is a light-duty professional model
intended for school nurses, nursing homes, and other occasional use clinical settings. It allows the choice of using disposable covers (caps #134203 or full sheath #129462), or cleaning between patients with a disinfectant wipe. The TAT-2000 is protected by a three year warranty. User's Manual
The temporal artery, easily visible in an infrared image, is scanned to find the peak temperature.  The patented Arterial Heat Balance (AHB)TM method converts this peak to a core temperature by replacing the heat lost from natural cooling of the skin.
Model TAT-2000 Features
Convenient one-handed operation Three year warranty
Perfect for use with newborns, infants, children or adults Audible indicator - Gentle audible sound indicates as higher temperature has been detected
Precision Infrared System captures naturally emitted heat from the skin over the temporal artery LED scan indicator - Indicates temperature
is being scanned and flashes when a
higher measurement is detected, indicating
the location of the temporal artery
Selects most accurate of 1000 scans per second Auto-Off - Thermometer shuts off automatically to preserve life of battery
Wide measurement range Low battery indicator - Warns user to
replace battery
LCD Display Latex free
Fast and easy to use Operates on one 9V battery (included)
Disposable Caps

Disposable Caps
Part No. 134203
Cap Dispense
Part No. 134202

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