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Exergen Corporation provides educational materials on infrared thermometry through these education centers. We invite you to return regularly to learn more as we continue to develop this area of our site.
Clinical Studies
Breakthrough Technology:
Summary of industry-leading technology developed by Exergen
Temperature Assessment via the Temporal Artery:
Validation of a New Method.
Temporal Artery Method: Measurement Principles with High Resolution Infrared Imaging.
Temporal Artery Frequently Asked Questions:
A comprehensive source for TemporalScanner users
TemporalScanner Ease of Use
Scientific Basis for the Method:
Detailed explanation of the scientific basis and principles of operation of our products.
The Temporal Artery Thermometry Training video is enabled for immediate viewing. Just click the link below.
View the Temporal Artery Thermometry Training video
  The following articles about Exergen which have appeared in national and local news sources contain technical information on the Temporal Artery method of temperature measurement.
NPR "All Things Considered" Interview
L.A. Times Article 03/22/2001
Boston Herald Article 03/15/2001
Non-contact IR
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Temporal Artery
and Accessories.
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Retail Consumer
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