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Training Material for Nursing Staff

As Easy as 1-2-3

Understanding the science and technology behind the method of temperature assessment at the temporal artery is readily available by clicking the following links. Some of the files are large, but we are confident the wait will be worthwhile for the information they contain, and thank you in advance for your patience, and your interest in the method.

  1. Slide straight across forehead
    Place probe on center of forehead, depress button &
    keep depressed until temp is complete

    Slide probe in a straight line across forehead to the hairline
    (if you curve down the side of the face, you will miss the temporal artery)
  2. Touch the soft depression behind the ear
    The "perfume spot"
  3. Remove from head, read & record temp

Q&A's Written for Nurses by Nurses (294 KB)

Exergen TemporalScanner - Important Points for Inservicing.pdf (225 KB)

Common Question Number One (83 KB)

Top 5 Reasons for Low Readings (345 KB)

Training Handout for Nursing Staff - English (130 KB)

Training Handout for Nursing Staff - Spanish (716 KB)

TAT-5000 Training Poster (159 KB)

TAT 5000 Poster Basic F-C.pdf (1.3 MB)

Using the TAT-5000 on Infants (115 KB)

For Kids Only - A New Kind of Thermometer (365 KB)

TAT-5000 User Reference Manual (568 KB)

TAT-5000 User Reference Manual - Multi-Language (8.4 MB)

Competency Assessment - Temporal Artery Thermometer (47 KB)

Nursing Policy & Procedure (286 KB)

Virtual Classroom - www.exergen.com/ww